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> PM Friendly? Yes, in fact I am far nicer OOC than IC.

> Besides that? Respect is two way, I'll treat you the same how you treat me.

> Alts? I have that. Skype? Yeah why not.

> OOC =/= IC? I am not my character, my character is not me. Get it?

> And? I am 100% IN CHARACTER unless otherwise also I swear a lot IN CHARACTER so don't take it seriously, its just the way he is.

> His 'gifts' is OP? Well its my character, not yours. So yeah and keep it to yourself.

> Is there a weakness for Neof? Yeah of course there is. Neof is not a god-type character. Just think hard and let me know if you find his weakness.

> But? Hmm.. if you wish to roleplay with him, acknowledge his power also during an rp do not attempt to steal/take/copy or w/e you call it, his 'gifts' seriously. My muse would be pretty much dead. Period. No exception. It's no fun.

> Want to rp? Sure, just send a PM. Discuss it beforehand or make a direct post. I don't mind.

> How is your post? I can go from semi-para to multi-para depending on my muse and condition.

> Literate? Hmm.. english is not my native language.

> Drama? Be reasonable with me but I won't give any of those to you.

> Romance? Yeah sure, if he's not taken by anyone.

> Sex? Smut? No, reserved for lover.

> Lover? Depending on his character development or story. Preferably a long term dedicated character to be Neof's lover.

> Codes? I will tell you this just once DO NOT STEAL THE CODES/ELEMENTS/PARTS or anything that are contained within the profile, it took me 2 WEEKS to code this profile.(Finding inspiration + Experimenting + Studying Codes + Testing + Implementation) Seriously, please appreciate the hard work man. I am a full-time application and website developer. Coding is no easy work. If you need help with codes, just send a PM. I'll help you. Understand?

> You want me to make a profile for you? Sure, why not. I appreciate you approaching me and asking for my help.

> WIP? This profile is forever work in progress, weekly updated.

> The artwork and images does not belong to me, it belongs to the respective owners.

> Any questions? Just ask, send a PM. Simple.

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> Dossier//

> Given Name: Nathan _______
> Alias: Neof, The Visionary
> Species: Human? Maybe
> Age: 23 (Appears 18)
> Date of Birth: 29 Desember
> Height: 5'7
> Weight: 125 lbs
> Gender: Male
> Nationality: Classified
> Occupation: None
> Formerly : Criminal Boss
> Affiliation: None
> Residence: Imagination Land
> Family: Classified
> Attraction: Straight
> Marital Status: None
> Eye Color: Turquiose
> Hair Color: Grey

> Human Appearance//

> Neof has grayish-white hair that is long enough to reach his eyes. His hair used to be blonde but he dyed it. He has bright turquoise eyes, along with matching colored headphones. He's mostly seenwearing a turquoise shirt with a brownish-grey fur hoodie over it, skinny jeans, and black converse shoes. When he was younger, his hair was blonde and his eyes were blue. <

> Other Appearance//

> The other version of Neof has blue hair which is almost the same style as his normal hair. He also wears white headphones that say "Bodies upon the gears", a black colored suit with a turquoise collared shirt underneath, and pants, along with a white tie and white gloves. In this attire, Neof wears a white mask which has the words printed under the left eye, the words "Through the distorted lenses I found a cure" above the left eye resembling an eyebrow, and the words "You are free" printed on the lower part of his mask, resembling a smile of a mouth of the mask. <

> History//

> Neof: born gifted as a child prodigy. He was a former criminal mastermind and experimental subject for research of human intelligence development due to his 'gift'. He possessses the intellect that surpasses mankind. Also, he pertains the ability to predict future events and tragedy. Little was he aware of his 'prediction' that is able to manifest into 'reality'. In other words, what he predicted is visualized in his mind causing it to become a reality. His attitude is random, and cannot be comprehended by reason. He acts based on what he desires, sometimes exaggerating at certain situations but mostly, he remains calm and collected. He seek interests into meeting new people and overall friendly personality is what he often display to others. Neof wanders around the city presently, seeking a place to live in whilst also hoping that his anonymity would be capable to assist mankind. -Work In Progress- <

> Gifts//

> Imagination Realization <

> Neof has a gift to turn fantasy into reality in other words he can bring any material, being or tool originating from his imagination into existence and literally bring their wildest ideas into reality. For example, if he imagines that the bones in someone's arm are made of toothpicks, this will become true. By imagining that his body is "more sturdy than the strongest steel," he can drastically increase his defense. He can instantly heal any wounds inflicted onto him by imagining that it has already healed. Using this power, he can also create elements and substances from his mind, creating lava, water and even creating a gigantic stone platform and steel pillars to attack and defend against opponents and manipulate them as he sees fit. Neof can also create real weapons around himself, ranging from machine guns to missiles, in order to attack his enemies. Despite of all of that, his powers are limited depending on his imagination capacity. <

> Friends//


"My greatest creation. She is one of a kind, unique and romantic."


"Coffee and Cigars are his favourite thing in the world."


"A very funny person, she is friendly and I feel comfortable around her."


"A man of his words, good bussiness partner."




"Are you a potential?"

> All Interaction //

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